Trusted quality, in times that matter!

With over 30 years of experience of professional cooling and freezing in all sorts of industries, Infrico is obviously the partner to turn to if one’s looking for trusted quality in handling and transporting Covid-vaccines.

These are challenging times, where every step in the way needs to be controlled and no mistakes can be afforded. Infrico is known as one of the top leaders in the commercial refrigeration equipment. Innovation that’s driven by state-of-the-art technology, certified quality, and excellent products is what Infrico stands for.

It was no surprise that one of the main vaccine manufactures turned to Infrico for the delivery of the so called ultrafreezers. Antonio Mendoza, marketing and technical service director at Infrico: “The demand for our products increased tremendous! Luckily, we were able to scale up quickly, increase staff and work in shifts.”

The ultrafreezers are able to maintain temperatures up tot minus 86 degrees Celsius. A challenge faced easily by the excellent insulation quality of the Plixxopol range, delivered by PLIXXENT. Plixxopol is a special polyurethane product that is known for its high insulation value and easy applicability: it’s fast and flexible.

PLIXXENT is proud to be part of one of the solutions to the worldwide covid-crises.

A true COOL partnership with our trusted partner Infrico.

PLIXXENT stands for innovative polyurethane-based technology, with only one mission: finding the best solution in every application. Infrico recognizes these skills and is using the PU foam in their entire range. Antonio Mendoza: “We are happy that we can rely to this consolidated partnership, which we are looking forward to prolong”.

Cooperation and partnership

PLIXXENT originated from four European polyurethane specialists who joined forces at the end of 2019. The collaboration has resulted in a company with a large European network that shares all knowledge and experience in the field of polyurethane and adds value. Managing Director Dr. Juan Cirujeda: ‘We are a real specialist in the manufacture of polyurethane and can build on over 60 years of experience. So like no other, we know what our product can do and how it works’.