Artificial stone

The rocks are fake, the advantages quite real

Lifelike polyurethane stone replicas are used indoors and outdoors in scenery design, on stage sets and for leisure activities, i.e. for climbing walls. The design possibilities of polyurethane are almost unlimited.

Due to the high degree of freedom and the possibility of creating variable surfaces, stone edges can be realistically reproduced. Sharp-edged break-offs however are impossible, thus minimising the risk of injury. Stage sets can be designed freely, easily painted and, due to the low weight as the main advantage, quickly rearranged. Wall coverings are often used for renovation work with deceptively real-looking surfaces, whether as tiles, quarry stone or imitation brick.


  • Flexible Compact
  • Flexible Foamed
  • Rigid Compact
  • Rigid Foamed
  • Landscaping
  • Climbing walls
  • Wall coverings
  • Stage sets
  • Freedom of design
  • Durability
  • High-quality appearance
  • Increased safety
  • Easy installation