“We are part of the solution”

ACTIU creates the work environment of the future

“We don’t just make furniture, we create spaces”. According to Soledat Berbegal, that’s what it’s all about at ACTIU. The brand manager and member of the board at the Spanish office furnishing manufacturer emphasis that people are always at the centre when it comes to the development of new products.

“We design spaces where people feel comfortable and can perform at their best. We see it as our responsibility to provide a pleasant environment where people feel comfortable.” This is about an inspiring, but also sustainable and healthy working environment. “We are always looking for new sustainable solutions that have a big impact on the workplace with a low environmental impact. This sustainability philosophy is our core.”

Beyond the physical workplace

Development goes beyond creating physical spaces. Digitization and remote working have become indispensable. ACTIU actively responds to this with furniture that is equipped with integrated technology. Whether remote working is at home or on the road at an airport, comfort and the right acoustics are leading. But ACTIU’s vision extends much further and also focuses on the metaverse, the virtual world in which online collaboration can take place in a network of 3D spaces. “An ideal working environment starts with good sustainable materials and a good price, but it also means a digital transformation. We are part of the solution!”

With heart and soul:
Co-creation with PLIXXENT

Only in cooperation we can realize the goals of the future. That is ACTIU’s philosophy. This means that considerable requirements are also imposed on suppliers. Short lines and above all open cards. Account manager Claudia Lacalle Vilà of PLIXXENT underlines: “If we start the development process together with ACTIU, then we really start working together. This means that laboratories are merged with ACTIU’s development department. In this way, new solutions can be tested and further developed directly on a tailor-made basis.

That way we challenge ourselves and ensure that ACTIU always gets the best solution. An important condition for such cooperation is the culture of the organization. Soledat: ‘We are a mid-size company; the commitment of our people is high and we can switch quickly. That is also what I expect from a supplier. Collaboration is about people and that requires authentic organizations with heart and soul. PLIXXENT fits perfectly with that.”

Cooperation and partnership

PLIXXENT originated from four European polyurethane specialists who joined forces at the end of 2019. The collaboration has resulted in a company with a large European network that shares all knowledge and experience in the field of polyurethane and adds value.