First in polyurethane foam

Comfort for now and for the future

The highest insulation value with maximum flexibility and safety: polyurethane foam from PLIXXENT makes the difference in your home. PLIXXENT specialises in polyurethane and manufactures it entirely in-house, thus ensuring constant quality.

Polyurethane foam can be found everywhere; from the shoes on your feet and the furniture you sit on to the home where you keep warm. Each application has its own specific compound. And herein lies its strength, says Managing Director Ronald Udo. “We know precisely what is possible and how it functions, physically and chemically. Whether this concerns your roof, crawl space or cavity wall, we can always supply a product that does precisely what has been agreed, with the right filling and bonding strength and with a maximum insulation value.”


If you want an excellent insulation material, spray foam or injection foam is the ideal solution. The small cells in the foam contain blowing agent. It is stagnant gas, providing optimum thermal insulation. Other forms of insulation, such as air-filled films under floors, for example, do not have this and efficiency is, therefore, reduced. “You want a material that is airtight and also has the highest insulation value. In addition, for crawl spaces, you may also want to remove moisture and in alternative products this is often not properly regulated,” says Managing Director Ronald Udo. The right choice easily delivers efficiency of up to 11%*.

“You really do add far greater levels of comfort, certainly in older properties. So, you are insulating for now and the future.”



Cost-neutral, climate-friendly alternative

Polyurethane consists of two elements. Combined with what is known as a blowing agent, this forms a foam. For the production of polyurethane, PLIXXENT maximises the use of natural raw materials which are not suitable for producing foodstuffs, such as plant residues. The blowing agent is hydrofluoroolefin, HFO. This is now standard at PLIXXENT and replaces the more environmentally harmful HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons). HFO is a blowing agent that is broken down rapidly in the environment. Managing Director Ronald Udo: “Compare it with the saturated and unsaturated fats we are familiar with. HFO is the healthy unsaturated variant. When released, it is readily converted to water and CO2.” The Global Warming Potential of the blowing agent used by PLIXXENT is, therefore, virtually nil. “It is more expensive but the insulation value is better, so we have a cost-neutral alternative and, more importantly, one that is climate-friendly.”

Cooperation and partnership

PLIXXENT arose out of four European polyurethane specialists who joined forces at the end of 2019. This cooperation led to the formation of a company with a large European network, sharing, and optimising, all knowledge and experience in the field of polyurethane. Managing Director Ronald Udo: “We specialise in the production of polyurethane and we are able to build on experience that goes back to the early 1960s. So, we know better than anyone else what our product is capable of and how it works. And even more importantly: we share this knowledge with our clients. This is how we can provide the best insulation for your home together with our partner Pluimers Isolatie.”