Applications in the construction industry

When we speak of the construction industry, one key word is particularly important: insulation.The pursuit of sustainability determines the future of our entire society. From the selection of materials and processing to the energy-efficient operation of buildings and the final recycling of building materials, sustainability is one of the essential factors in modern construction. 

Polyurethane systems form a basis for countless building materials and products that improve the end result and provide a benefit to the environment. Buildings become more energy efficient, last longer, offer more space or simply look better. Other structures, such as district heating pipes, also benefit from the performance of polyurethane.

Polyurethane as thermal insulation or beyond?
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Metal sandwich panels

A perfect case of proper insulation

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Cold chambers

The only missing feature: thermal conductivity

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Insulation boards

The easiest way to a nice and cozy home

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The key to transporting heat over long distances

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Spray foam and pouring

The most versatile construction material

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Window shutters

Sun protection factor: unlimited

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Wood imitation

The beauty of wood with the endurance of polyurethane

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