Privacy Statement

Information according to Article 13 / 14 EU General Data Protection Regulation for Partners, Visitors and Interested Persons

For communicating, providing information and services and for purposes connected with an existing relationship, personal data is needed, e.g. name, contact data or the function of a data subject.

Provision of personal data takes place

  • through the use of our online services,
  • in the context of a registration process or an individual provisioning of data, e.g. by handing over a business card,
  • by the company, e.g. when providing contact details of their responsible persons.

This is done in compliance with both legal requirements and the personal rights of the persons concerned. Data subjects have the right to request access to their personal data, to demand the erasure or the rectification of their data as well as a restriction of the data processing. As a result, services based on this data can no longer be used. Data subjects can send questions and complaints at any time to the PLIXXENT Corporate Data Protection Officer ( - or – if available – to the data protection authority of their country.

1. Data Scope

The following data categories may be collected and processed:

a. Identification data, e.g. name, gender, date and place of birth (visitors), national identification number (truck drivers), images (badges), CCTV (visiting monitored areas), User ID (using PLIXXENT applications)

b. Addresses and contact data, e.g. postal addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, organizational data such as company/organization, department, function

c. Authorizations and their use, e.g. IP addresses or user accounts for Wi-Fi (Guest-Net), online services or used business applications

d. Time and attendance, e.g. being on PLIXXENT premises or for providing services

e. Activities, tasks and operations, e.g. for projects

f. Payment-relevant data, e.g. bank account, credit card

2. Purpose

In general, personal information of individuals may be used for:

  • Operational purposes
  • Identification and authorization
  • Communication, e.g. for clarifying questions, exchanging information or appointments
  • Documenting activities, e.g. meetings, events and agreements
  • Complaint management

Additionally, in the case of requested services, visits or a closer relationship (neighborhood, media representatives), personal information of individuals may be used for:

  • Providing information and requested services, e.g. newsletter
  • Monitoring and safety checks

Related to PLIXXENT business partners, e.g. suppliers, customers, contractors, service providers or chemical park partners, it may be used in addition for:

  • Settlement of transactions, e.g. payment, invoicing and contract management
  • Logistics, e.g. transportation
  • Authorization and identity management for electronic services, including technical support and troubleshooting
  • Administrative communication, e.g. sales promotion or product development
  • Monitoring, checks and surveys
  • Direct Marketing

A given consent to the use of personal data for electronic or online advertising can be revoked at any time.

3. Processing Principles

Reasonable technical and organizational measures for data security are implemented through internal regulations and - if the data is processed by an external service provider - by means of appropriate contractual agreements, for example through the use of the EU standard contract clauses for data processing outside the European Union.

Please keep your data up to date, e.g. by providing relevant changes or, if possible, by changing the information yourself.

Questions about your data, their correction or deletion and about information requests can be clarified with the Corporate Data Protection Officer.

4. Data Transfer / Disclosure

In compliance with legal requirements and existing internal regulations, the data required for the respective purpose can be passed to other internal and external bodies in the following cases:

Operational Purposes
- to other PLIXXENT companies;
- to our service providers Privacy Note for Partners, Visitors and interested Persons

Reporting and information obligations
- to authorities and other governmental bodies

Clarification of claims and accusations
- to lawyers, courts and other governmental/statutory bodies

5. Data Storage

Personal data will only be kept for as long as necessary to meet the respective purpose and to fulfill regulatory requirements, as a rule for the duration of the respective contractual relationship, including a possible statutory retention period.

For business partners, the deletion usually takes place 10 years after the last contact, for other persons, e.g. visitors or subscribers of information/newsletters, 5 years after the last contact or on request.

Data erasure is carried out within the framework of the deletion routines implemented by the process managers.

6. Monitoring and Investigation

For the protection of our IT systems and our intellectual property against different threats – e.g. malicious software, hacker attacks, spam, espionage and theft – different methods are used, in which, for example, exchanged data is examined for viruses and connection data is analyzed for abnormalities. For suspicious cases relevant documents and connection data can be analyzed.

In order to comply with existing export- and payment restrictions – e.g. companies and persons are listed in different government lists – business partner data may be checked against these lists.

In addition, in the case of suspicions, which have been reported via the compliance hotline, in the case of official investigations and defense against claims, an investigation and, where appropriate, provisioning of data and documents relating to the respective case and the persons concerned may be necessary.

In all cases internal regulations, legal requirements and the personal rights of the data subjects are respected.