WE BELIEVE IN WORKING WITH OUR CLIENTS, NOT JUST FOR THEM. If you wish, we can accompany you in every step of your production and throughout every phase of your product development. From the improvement of recipes and the research and formulation of new product solutions to the development of more efficient processes and delivery cycles, we cover the entire value chain.

Initial discussion
Just share your vision. Our skilled sales staff can immediately assess the right approach.

Design process
During this important step we work out a basic concept that meets the specifications.

Development process
Together we experiment and simulate production processes to improve upon the design.

We help you calibrate your processes on-site to ensure flawless production.

Our logistics experts make sure that your required components are available at all times.

Aftersales support
Besides on-site support, we are committed to continuously improve your PU-systems.

... wide-ranging training courses

KNOWLEDGE IS FOR SHARING – that is why we seek to spread our four-decade experience on polyurethane processing and on safety measures for chemical compounds. Just contact us if you are interested in our training program. Together we will work out a course – or several – specifically tailored to your needs. 

... reliable logistics services

OF COURSE, OUR LOGISTICS EXPERTS STRIVE TO ENSURE THAT YOUR DELIVERY REACHES ITS DESTINATION SAFELY AND ON TIME. What’s more, with four fully equipped production sites, we don’t run out of stock easily: any supply bottleneck that might occur at your main plant can be bridged by one of the others.

… proactive aftersales support

WE PROVIDE A VARIETY OF TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND ON-SITE TROUBLE SHOOTING, but it doesn’t stop there: our research and development teams closely collaborate with you in order to proactively challenge, enhance and, if necessary, redevelop systems and processes.